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Posted by Jon Scott on Aug 29, 2018 9:44:38 AM
Jon Scott

One of our primary goals at ScopeStack is to speed up the scoping process. But, typically when you speed things up, you lose accuracy. Thankfully we have developed a platform that allows speed without compromising in accuracy and consistent services language.

Consistent scoped language does a couple of things:

  • Removes risk from the organization by having accurate services pricing
  • Improves transition time from pre-sales to delivery
  • Allows a consistent methodology in which to track project delivery through export to PSA tools

Removing Risk

By creating a platform that generates consistent delivery methodology you remove risk to the organization. No more "re-creating the wheel" every project. Use accurate services pricing coupled with consistent language.

Improve Transition to Delivery

Reduce the transition time to delivery by creating a consistent scoping process. By using consistent scoped language, the delivery engineers know what to expect every time they receive a project.

Track Delivery Tasks

By exporting the work breakdown structure into your existing Project Management tools you can now start tracking tasks as they are scoped. Standing up a new project should not entail re-creating the perceived tasks, but the actual tasks that were scoped. This drives profitability and removes risk as well.

These are all items we solve through our ScopeStack platform. Pricing and scoping professional services should not be difficult and time consuming. Delivering a project below hours should be the new norm.

ScopeStack View

Consistent Services Pricing and Fast SOW Creation

If you are interested in the following, stay in touch:

  • Saving Time
  • Not manually writing statements of work
  • Driving consistency in both pre-sales and post-sales
  • Working smarter

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